LPNA Board Position Regarding Proposed Subdivision


The LPNA board has taken a stand against the proposed “Panhandle Park” subdivision at the corner of Edgewood and Williams on the southern edge of the Park.  An open letter stating the board’s position is available here:  lpna edgewood property position statement.

In addition to the issue of whether the re-subdivision provisions take precedence over the zoning provisions, concerns have been voiced over increasing the impervious and heavily compacted surface area in this location through the construction of two houses on what used to be a single-structure lot.  The steeply sloped lot sits at the bottom of the park’s drainage basin, and along what used to be a natural watercourse stretching from Lafayette Park, down past Leon High, along Franklin Boulevard, and eventually into the Cascades area.  In recent years, the City spent in excess of $190,000 purchasing and demolishing the house at 618 McDaniel, on the other side of the block from this Edgewood lot, due to drainage and stormwater issues, and many times that on drainage infrastructure at the southern end of the park just across the street from this lot.

This matter is pending before the planning department, with a decision slated for March 13, so please contact them with your opinion.

Tallahassee’s Land Development Code is available at:


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