Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 2016

Lafayette Park Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting

April 12, 2016
7:00 PM
Sue McCollum Community Center

Meeting called to order by Chair, Carol Westmoreland.

Board members present: Carol Westmoreland, John Wallace, Dean Minardi, Sam Hand, Alex Ghio, Hillary Powell. About 9 residents present as well.

1. Approval of minutes from February 23, 2016 meeting.

Motion presented and seconded. Motion passed without discussion.

2. Treasurer’s Report.

Dean Minardi reports there is approximately $4,000 in the Association’s account.

Motion presented and seconded. Dean will obtain a PO Box at downtown Post Office (College Avenue). Address will be listed on the upcoming survey, and members can mail dues checks to it. At least one Board member besides Dean will have access. Motion passed.

3. Midtown Development (intersection of North Monroe and Thomasville Road) Update

Dean met with Steve Mattox, who is developing the project with John Kenny, and provided an update. They own about an acre, including the building Tropical Smoothies is in now. They are now in the planning and design phase, and are “some number of years away” from building. They envision an “iconic” development with housing and retail, at least 100% parked, with semi-underground parking. Perhaps a deck on roof. Dean reports developers are willing to work with neighborhood, will get our input, and will meet with us when they have a more concrete plan to discuss.

Some concerns were raised again as to parking and sound noise. Carol will write a letter on behalf of the neighborhood noting those concerns and requesting developers to meet with us when they begin communicating with City officials on design.

Alex Ghio and Sam Hand met with Brian Weebler, the City’s chief planner (who has since left the position). There is nothing official, but City has been talking with the developers. Approval process could be at least two years.

Staci Mellman reports she was not able to get in touch with Uber after multiple attempts to discuss its potential growth and the impact on parking.

4. Jade Massage Parlor

Recent arrest of employee for prostitution was noted. Carol Westmoreland reported that Chad Heckman (owner of the building) recently sent her an update on the building. He is working on finding another tenant, and once he does, Jade will be out. It was noted that the Jade sign is still up.

5. Annual May Day Picnic Update (Sunday, May 1, 4-7 pm)

Piggy’s Barbeque will cater again, same as last year. Carol will order tables and chairs, and get BJ’s Bounce House to coordinate the children’s games. It was suggested that we start recruiting people to oversee the games next year.

Dean will put up the signs (stored at his house) to alert neighborhood to upcoming picnic.

6. Annual Meeting/Elections – to be held at the May Day Picnic

Suggested that because the picnic is also the Annual Meeting, there should be a sign-in sheet.

Nominating Committee made up of Carol, Sam Hand, and John Wallace is seeking at least three new Board members. Carol, John, and Kathy Bell are going off of the Board. Sam nominates John Humphries for President.

7. Bylaws Revision

No official proposed revisions yet, but Kathy McGuire will scan and send a copy of the articles of incorporation.

Suggestion that the neighborhood boundaries be included in the bylaws.

8. Other Business – Mailout

Janet Rubino has prepared survey to obtain information about residents and a brief neighborhood history to send with it. Jim Pfost has set up survey monkey (the online version of the survey), but residents can also mail a hard copy to the PO Box. Janet will add the PO Box address to the survey once Dean obtains it next week.

Ellory Sedgwick is working on updating the mailing list by obtaining addresses from the property appraiser’s website. There are approximately 750 mailers (2 sheets of paper folded) needed, to include all current residents and absentee owners.

Once emails are collected, Facebook and website information will be sent out.

Motion presented and seconded. Mailer to be sent out with survey and neighborhood information once PO Box number obtained. Motion passed.

Meeting Adjourned. Next meeting is Annual Meeting at May Day Picnic, May 1.


Lafayette Park Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting

February 23, 2016
7:00 PM
Sue McCollum Community Center

Meeting called to order by Chair, Carol Westmoreland.

1. Board members present: Carol Westmoreland, John Wallace, Dean Minardi, Sam Hand, Alex Ghio, Lizzie Matthews, Kathy Bell, Hillary Powell. About 25 residents present as well.

2. Midtown Development.

Lengthy discussion involving board and residents regarding details of proposed development at intersection of North Monroe and Thomasville Road. Many have heard there is a proposal for a 5-story building with an outdoor bar on the roof; parking may be limited. Others say it is only a conceptual plan at this point, although engineered drawings exist.

Many residents had hoped for staff from the City to be present to answer questions on the project.

Discussion on holding a public meeting regarding the project to be attended by residents and developers.

A motion was presented and seconded. An away team consisting of Alex Ghio, Sam Hand, John Humphries, and Dean Minardi will gather information on the proposal and report back at the next meeting scheduled for April 12. Staci Mellman may gather information on Uber’s projected growth and its effect on parking issues. At that point next steps will be considered. Motion passed.

3. Jade Massage Parlor

Discussion on new massage parlor on Gadsden in building leased by Chad Heckman, past president of LPNA. Concerns of code violations (although large sign has been taken down), hours of operation.

It was noted that Jade Massage is a national company out of Indiana that is certified.

Motion presented and seconded. Jon Moyle will contact Chad Heckman, gather details on lease arrangement, and report back to board. Motion passed.

4. Annual Meeting/Meeting Frequency

Discussion on moving annual meeting to the May picnic.

Carol Westmoreland suggested meeting quarterly. Discussion that current (1996) bylaws currently provide for quarterly meetings, President has ability to call additional meetings.

Motion presented and seconded to send mailout to residents, directing them to Survey Monkey, either the same or similar previous survey sent a few years ago. This will help in updating email list of residents to use when scheduling possible future public meeting. Sam Hand will draft the mailout, Jim Pfost will set up the Survey Monkey, and Jan Rubino will help with printing and mailing. Dean Minardi will help with obtaining metadata. Motion passed.

5. Bylaws Revision

Current bylaws date from 1996. Motion presented and seconded to begin updating. John Wallace will scan the current official copy, and Molly McKinstry and John Humphries will propose updates and changes. Updated bylaws will eventually be posted on the web. Motion passed.

6. Other Business

Some discussion on DigiTally app. Useful for obtaining quick assistance from the City.

Motion presented and seconded to hold follow-up board meeting on April 12 at 7 pm. Motion passed.

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