About LPNA

The Lafayette Park Neighborhood Association was incorporated in 1974 in an effort to preserve and enhance the neighborhood, to enforce and protect the value of the homes and natural beauty of the community, to promote sound planning and zoning, to provide a forum for the homeowners and residents, and to enter into contracts with the City, County, State and all developers seeking development within the neighborhood. The Board of Directors was established to help direct the LPNA in these objectives and meets at 7pm Quarterly at the McCollum Community Center in Lafayette Park. Meeting dates will be published on this website and be sent out by email.

Annual association membership dues are voluntary and are $20 per household.


To reach the Lafayette Park Neighborhood Association – please email us at:


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Get Involved

Looking for a way to get involved? Sign up for a committee.

  • Communications – Responsible for newsletters, website and emails
  • Crime & Law Enforcement – Responsible for tracking and alerting crimes. Works closely with the Tallahassee Police Department.
  • CONA & Zoning – Responsible for attending the Council for Neighborhood Association meetings and zoning issues.
  • Social – Responsible for the great neighborhood events like the May Day celebration in the park.
  • New Neighbors – Responsible for greeting new neighbors and enticing them to join LPNA.
  • Midtown – Responsible for staying in touch with the Midtown Merchants Association.
  • Bylaw Review – Responsible for reviewing and updating Bylaws.
  • Boundary Signs – Responsible for determining best placement for neighborhood signage.

To join the LPNA, use this form and mail it to the address listed. We greatly appreciate your support!

Please email lafayetteparkna@gmail.com if you are interested in joining.

LPNA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

If you are interested in reading the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws that govern the LPNA, you can access a PDF by clicking the link below:

Articles of Incorporation

LPNA Bylaws

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